Jiri Kornatovski


Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles
CURATORS: Florence Neal & Sallie Mize

Rica Bando, Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Ken Buhler, Ellen Chuse
Ellen Driscoll, Richard Gins, Mary Hambleton, Erick Johnson
Jiri Kornatovsky, Simon Lewandowski, Morgan O'Hara, Gelah Penn
Orlando Richards, Mimmo Roselli, Kiyomitsu Saito, Hiba Schahbaz
Susan Schwalb, Emily Stern, Josette Urso, Martin Zet

with more artists' artworks included in Kentler's drawing & print rack

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, June 7, 4-6pm

JUNE 7 - JULY 20

Thursday - Sunday, 12 - 5pm

LARGE&small exhibition
View of back gallery space with Sea Drawings by Martin Zet and Untitled graphite drawing by Jiri Kornatovsky


Rica Bando-Urban Light

Rica Bando, Urban Light, Front Street V
Graphite on paper, 4" x 4"




Ken Buhler

Ken Buhler, Two Notes
Intaglio, 6" x 8 "




Ellen Driscoll

Ellen Driscoll, Untitled
Ink & collage on paper, 7" x 9 "





Mary Hambleton

Mary Hambleton, From the Mirus Series/P-0504
Shellac-polymer and oil on paper , 7.5" x 5.5"





Jiri Kornatovsky

Jiri Kornatovsky, Untitled
Graphite on paper, 84" x 204 "





Morgan O'Hara

Morgan O'Hara
Live Transmission: Movement of a Human Heart
as seen through Magnetic Resonance Imaging Process
Graphite on Bristol, 8" x 11.5 "





Orlando Richards

Orlando Richards, Promise
Charcoal and pastel on paper, 52" x 96"





Kiyomitsu Saito - Foolish Drawing

Kiyomitsu Saito, Foolish Drawing on Picture, March 21, 2012
Marker and collage on paper , 3.5" x 4.4"





Susan Schwalb - Moment #187

Susan Schwalb, Moment #187
Silverpoint and acrylic on paper , 5" x 5 "





Martin Zet

Martin Zet, Sea Drawing: New York Harbor
Ink on paper, 60" x 172 "


Stephanie Brody-Lederman -The Strike

Stephanie Brody-Lederman, The Strike
Acrylic on paper, 11" x 7 "



Ellen Chuse - Grand Cascade

Ellen Chuse, Grand Cascade
Charcoal & chalk on paper, 43" x 108"




Richard Gins

Richard Gins, Woman Sleeping and Man Reading with
Briefcase between Legs (Subway Riders series).

Ink on paper, 6.5 " x 8.5 "



Erick Johnson

Erick Johnson, Untitled, pp 104.
Watercolor and gouache on paper, 5 " x 11 "




Simon Lewandowski

Simon Lewandowski, In Hoc Signo Vinces
Woodblock print , 66 " x 51"




Gelah Penn - Filament Study 6

Gelah Penn, Filament Study #6
Monofilament and acrylic on paper, 8" x 8"




Mimmo Roselli - Bolivia 2

Mimmo Roselli, Bolivia 2
Watercolor and gouache on paper , 5 " x 7 "




Hiba Schahbaz - Shayan

Hiba Schahbaz, Shayan
Gouache and watercolor on wasli , 3.5 " x 4.5 "




Emily Stern

Emily Stern, Knitted Paisley
Watercolor, flash and pen on paper, 6.75 " x 5"








Installation view