BIG: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles

Large Scale Drawings and Prints
August 2002
Sunny Balzano, Jiří Kornatovský, Simon Lewandowski, David MacKenzie, Martin Zet

exhibition Images

Left: Work on Paper by David MacKenzie. Right: Graphite on paper by Jiri Kornatovsky

Antonio Balzano, Untitled, Mixed media on paper and glass, 32.5" x 37.5", 1997

Simon Lewandowski, In Hoc Signo Vinces, Woodocut, 66" x 51", 1995

Left to right: Sunny Balzano, Simon Lewandowski, Martin Zet

Jirí Kornatovsky, To Space, Pencil on paper, 1989

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About the exhibition

Kentler Flatfiles exhibition featuring Sunny Balzano, Jiri Kornatovsky, Simon Lewandowski, David MacKenzie, and Martin Zet