Symposium: The Graphics, Music And Writings Of Herbert Brün

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 Symposium: The Graphics, Music And Writings Of Herbert Brün

 Symposium: The Graphics, Music And Writings Of Herbert Brün
Duane Palyka

 Symposium: The Graphics, Music And Writings Of Herbert Brün
Michael Kowalski, Allen Otte, Susan Parenti, Larry Polansky, Keith Moore

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 Symposium: The Graphics, Music And Writings Of Herbert Brün Download
At loose ends with anti-communication —Allen Otte

About the event

Saturday, September 18, 1:30 - 9:30pm
Symposium curator: Michael Kowalski

1:30 P.M. Panel One
Herbert Brün's graphics in the history of 20th century drawing
Guest speaker:
Lenore Metrick-Chen
"Between Two: Herbert Brün Drawings"

3:00 P.M. Panel Two
Herbert Brün as a political philosopher
Guest speaker:
Arun Chandra
"If Then What Now? : Ethics and 'The Committee of Criteria' "

4:30 P.M. Roundtable
Brün in Context
Part I       Wittgenstein and Brün on Language
Part II      Mikhail Bakhtin versus Brün on Communication
Part III     Clement Greenberg versus Brün on Penmanship Exercises
Part IV    Schoenberg and Brün on Implausible Sentiments
Part V    Pierre Bourdieu versus Brün on the Desirability of Distinctions

7:00 P.M. Panel Three
Brün's music: the challenge of counter-intuitive composition
Guest speaker:
Allen Otte
"At Loose Ends with Anticommunication"

8:30 P.M. Panel Four
Roles and rationales for computers in the world of art and music
Guest speaker:
Duane Palyka
"Form and Meaning in Brün's Lyrical Graphics"

Symposium participants

Computer artist and physicist Liubomir Borissov is a Vilar Fellow in the Performing Arts at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

Arun Chandra is a composer and Music Director of the Olympia Chamber Orchestra. He teaches at The Evergreen State College and is the editor of the recently published collection of Brün's writings, When Music Resists Meaning (Wesleyan).

Composer Mark Enslin is a founding member along with Herbert Brün of the Performers' Workshop Ensemble and the School for Designing a Society.

Lydia Goehr is a professor in the philosophy department at Columbia University. She is the author of The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works: An Essay in the Philosophy of Music (Oxford: Clarendon), and The Quest for Voice: Music, Politics, and the Limits of Philosophy (Oxford and California).

Charlotta Kotik has been chair of the department of Contemporary Art at the Brooklyn Museum since l992. She curated the international touring retrospective of the work of Louise Bourgeois and served as the American commissioner for the 1993 Venice Biennale. Her work for the Brooklyn Museum has included the acclaimed series of LobbyProjects, and, most recently, Open House: Working in Brooklyn, a large group exhibition of artists working in the borough.

Composer Michael Kowalski produced a series of major computer-assisted compositions in the 1970's (Gringo Blaster : Einstein Records EIN008).  His third chamber opera, The Rise and Fall of the First World, will begin previews in 2004.

Lenore Metrick-Chen's writings have appeared most recently in Sculpture and Public Arts Review. She is completing her dissertation at the University of Chicago for a joint Ph.D. in the Committee on Social Thought and the Department of Art History. She is currently the Docent Education Director at the Des Moines Art Center in Des Moines, Iowa.

Katherine Jánszky Michaelsen is a professor of art history at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She is the author of many articles and catalogue essays, and has been a guest curator at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., the Kunstverein, Düsseldorf, and the Neuberger Museum in Purchase, NY.

Composer Keith Moore is a director of the new music organization ThreeTwo.  He has received commissions from the Musikfabrik NRW (Düsseldorf), AktivMusik (Essen), EarMarks Festival (Duisburg), the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, the Fondation Royaumont (France), and IGNM (Switzerland).

Percussionist and composer Allen Otte is professor of percussion at the University of Cincinnati. He founded the Percussion Group Cincinnati in 1979, with which he maintains an intensive international touring schedule.

Duane Palyka's computer artwork has been shown at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, the Brooklyn Museum, the Corcoran Gallery, and the Smithsonian. He is a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Film and Animation.

Composer Susan Parenti studied composition with Herbert Brün and is a founding member along with Brün of the Performers' Workshop Ensemble and the School for Designing a Society.

Composer, performer, and theorist Larry Polansky teaches in the graduate program in computer music at Dartmouth College and is the co-founder and co-director of Frog Peak Music.