Concert: The Graphics, Music, and Writings of Herbert Brün

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Allen Otte, Percussion, performing "Touch and Go"

Maja Cera, violin and Liubumir Borissov

About the event

Friday, September 17, 2004
8:00 P.M. Concert
Keith Moore, music curator
produced in conjuntion with the ThreeTwo Festival
Keith Moore, Taimur Sullivan and Elizabeth Adams, directors

Mutatis Mutandis
Floating Hierarchies: Set Three
Touch and Go
Floating Hierarchies: Set One

Liubomir Borissov, live computer sound and video processing
Maja Cerar, violin and body movement
Neil Dufallo, violin
Chris Mann, voice
Allen Otte, percussion
Larry Polansky, live computer sound processing
Taimur Sullivan, saxophone

assisted by members of the
ThreeTwo Festival and