Karni Dorell, Works

The Kentler Project
June 4 – July 1, 1993
Opening Reception
June 4, 1993
Karni Dorell

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Installation view


About the exhibition

"The Kentler Project"  came about as both a reflection (expression) on the state of the union/art and as a warning - red is for danger, caution...

This small complex exhibition space felt like a pressure box where all feelings, emotions, governing decisions are in a troubled state and that reality is what we decide is reality; what we choose to pin point as real.  Imagery that is constantly temporary and fleeting tends to tease us with the illusion of holding more we than it really does.  Imagery that is reproduced and chosen at random, does not take on any more meaning than how the viewer wishes to interpret it.  What is important is the feeling of restraint and tightness of the situation - not yet resolved, not yet free from the burden of being problematic.  "The Kentler Project" is a warning.

Karni Dorell