Friedemann Bender, Hawaiian Work

December 4, 1993 – January 2, 1994
Friedemann Bender

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Friedemann Bender, Hawaiian Work
Freidemann Bender, "Hawaiian Work"

Friedemann Bender, Hawaiian Work

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Friedemann Bender
Hawaiian Work

Solo exhibition
December 4, 1993 - January 2, 1994
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 4, 2-6pm

"Only when artist learn how properly to expose themselves to the 'local conditions' will they produce important work."
—William Carlos Williams

Following the dictates of the environment, playing with Mother Nature, using three dimensional green space as a medium. Sculpting, shapeshifting, transforming, pruning in perennially renewable material in constant striving vs. thriving.

The raison d'etre for this exhibition is multifaceted. Some of the intended aspects to consider are:
—to obviate the boundary between what we commonly think of as Art and the creative process;
—to exemplify the synonymy of art and labor in this artist's life;
—to document the artist's actions;
—to juxtapose one geographical environment into another; etc.

Early in his career the artist has exercised traditional creative disciplines like painting and sculpture but has always been interested in finding a 'new' medium to widen the possibilities to express himself. More recently, he has called himself a travel-artist and lifestyle-artist and has used geographical dimensionsl and adventures or limits of time to delineate his works.

In these objects the art lies behind the picture plane and works itself forward, past tools and frames into the here and now.