911: Artists Respond

Art made on or after 9/11/01
November 9 – 30, 2001
Opening Reception
November 9, 2001
Curated By
Mercedes Vicente, Florence Neal
Tia Ballantine, Jason Robert Bell, Fred Bendheim, Brendt Berger, Richard Brachman, Harald Busch, Maruja Cachay, Tom Callan, Beth Caspar, Anna Paola Civardi, Ursula Clark, Diane Conlon, Joan Criswell, S. David, Ria de Graaff, Richard Dennis, Gail Flanery, Don Goede, Anjali Grant, Marc Greene, Tadashi Hashimoto, Jim Hayes, Mike Hefferman, Jan Hoogenboom, Richard Howe, Phyllis Joyner, Lisa Kahane, Suzanne Kelser, David Konigsberg, Fran Kornfeld, Nelson Ku, Hans Kuijs, P.M. Laura, Laurie Lea, Jackie Lima, Roberta Louise, Ellen MacDonald, David MacKenzie, Howard McCalebb, Richard Mock, Travis Molkenbur, John Morton, Jim Napierala, Florence Neal, Margaret Neill, Bill Nogosek, Morgan O’Hara, Tom Otterness, Kasra Paydavousi, Marie Roberts, Roberto Scala, Robert Schwinger, Robert Sestok, Jessie Nebraska Gifford, Laurel Shute, Viviane Silvera, Carri Skoczek, Teri Slotkin, Bill Stahl, Johnette Stubbs, Kevin Sutton, Koshtra Tolle, Marsha Trattner, Eugenie Tsai, Liz-n Val, Hanneke Van Velzen, Heather Van Vleet, Gertrude Moser Wagner, Beriah Wall, Tom Warren, Martin Yamashita, Martin Zet
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exhibition Images
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911: Artists Respond

911: Artists Respond

911: Artists Respond

911: Artists Respond

911: Artists Respond

911: Artists Respond

911: Artists Respond
Holly Block at Opening Reception

911: Artists Respond

911: Artists Respond
Opening Reception: November 9, 2001

911: Artists Respond
Richard Mock, WTC Under Attack, Linoleum block print, 2001

911: Artists Respond
Drawing by Tom Otterness for "911: Artists Respond"

911: Artists Respond
Jim Napierala

911: Artists Respond
Bill Nogosek, Thought Piece

911: Artists Respond
Florence Neal, "Two" (detail of ink on paper 45'x 18") Memorial scroll drawing for the victims of 9/11, 2001

911: Artists Respond
Show Organizers: Florence Neal and Mercedes Vicente

Press and Promotion

911: Artists Respond Download
Announcement card for traveling show to Fairleigh Dickinson University, 2002, Drawing by Jackie Lima

About the exhibition

Art made on or after 9/11/01

Organized by Florence Neal and Mercedes Vicente

Kentler International Drawing Space gave Visual Artists, Writers, Musicians, and Performers the opportunity to respond to the tragic events of 9/11/2001. The results promise not to be always soothing but to enhance our ability to come to terms with what has happened. Many artists felt muted, unfocused and at sea. How does what happened affect artists and their work? We listen and watch and wonder what is going to happen next. Artists Respond.

November 9 - 30, 2001

The exhibition traveled to:
University College Art Gallery at Farleigh Dickinson University (Teaneck, NJ), September 11 - 18, 2002
Horace Mann, Bronx River Arts Center (Bronx, NY)
Bronx River Art Center (Bronx, NY)

Works by 76 artists Exhibition Checklist:

Pi BACHUS Untitled Drawing with watercolor
Tia BALLANTINE "Highway Suite" poems
Jason Robert BELL "The Tower" Color computer print 1/100
Fred BENDHEIM "9-11-01" Oil on canvas
Brent BERGER "911" Ink on paper
Miriam BLOOM "What is Rounder that a Ring and Taller than a Tree?" Ink drawing
Richard BRACHMAN "Angel" Balsawood
Harald BUSCH "Little Street" Color computer print
Maruja CACHAY "Eclipse Da Dualidade" Mixed media
Tom CALLAN "9:06 AM Sept. 11, 2001" Photograph
Beth CASPAR "Free Fall" Linocut (diptych)
Anna Paola CIVARDI "Eyes in the Sky" Acrylic on Canvas paper
Ursula CLARK "Hope" Photocopy, holes
Diane CONLON "From Louis Valentino, Jr. Pier" Colored pencil
Joan CRISWELL Untitled Print with mixed media
Richard DENNIS "Hook Line and Sinker" Ink on paper, mixed media
Ria DE GRAAFF Untitled Email drawings
Gail C. FLANERY Untitled Watercolor, pastel
Jessie Nebraska GIFFORD "WTC Gone...#5" Digital painting, ed. 5
Don GOEDE "Windows in the World" WTC Rubble
Anjali GRANT Untitled Ink, pencil on paper
Marc Greene "911" Digital Print
Tadshi HASHIMOTO "11.9.01' Mixed media on paper
Jim HAYES "Gas Mask #1, 2 & 3" Ink on paper
Michael Heffernan "Reconstruction" B & W Photo
Jan HOOGENBOOM "An Updated Tarto Card" Watercolor
Richard HOWE "WTC /NYC #5" Graphite on Arches 140lb hot
Phyllis Joyner Untitled Ink on paper (2)
Lisa KAHANE "The Sky Over Ground Zero, September 21, 2001" photo
Suzanne KELSER "For Larry, Eric and Dar" Mixed media on paper
Fran KORNFELD "Grief" Ball-point pen & wax crayon
David KONIGSBERG "Plume" Pastel
Nelson KU "Five Minutes Before..." Oil on canvas
Hans Kuijs "Swelsteaat 10 bogi NW. Leveroy" Graphite on paper
P.M. LAURA "If, If, If...." Computer collage
Laurie LEA Untitled mixed media
Jackie LIMA WTC drawing Photocopy of graphite drawing
Roberta LOUISE "Terrorism Takes Us by Surprise" Photograph
Ellen MACDONALD "WTC Cranes" Paper oragami photographs of the WTC
David MACKENZIE Untitled Acrylic on paper
Howard MacCALEBB Untitled Digital print
Richard MOCK "WTC Under Attack" Linoleum block print
John MORTON "Godzilla Has Had It With You Fucks" Mortograph
Travis MOLKENBUR Untitled Watercolor on paper
Gertrude MOSER-WAGNER "Newscontext, 15.9.01" Email digital print
Jim NAPIERALA "Ghost Glory" Paint and mixed media on panel
Florence NEAL "Two" Ink on Sumi paper, 45' Scroll
Margaret NEILL "911" Ink and acrylic on paper
Bill NOGOSEK "Thought Piece" Collage
Morgan O'HARA "No Terrorism" Graphite on paper
Morgan O'HARA "Tell Me the Story" Graphite on paper
Tom OTTERNESS "Rebellion to Tyrants" Ink on paper
Kasra PAYDAVOUSI "Kouroi" Photocopy and ink
Marie ROBERTS "K-9 at B'way & Liberty" Brush & ink on paper
Robert SESTOK "Liberty" Ink drawing
Roberto SCALA "Stop War" Drawing
Carri SKOCZEK "Witness" Photocopy cover for Magazine
Laurel Janan SHUTE "Book for Writing, 911 Show, Book for Someone" Artist Book
Teri Slotkin "Fron the Rubble Heap" Photograph
Pat Weber SONES ÒRed Hook WitnessÓ Photography
William STAHL "Incinerator / Monument" 2 Linocuts
Kevin SUTTON "Tearful Reaction" Painting on paper
Viviane SUVERA "Confusion" Blue pencil on paper
Koshtra TOLLE "Lillie's Garden" Photograph
Marsha TRATTNER "October 2001" Photo xerox of installation
Yeachin TSAI "No ManÕs Land ( World Trade Center Trinity)" Transfer print
Robert SCHWINGER "Post-911" Oil on wood .
Johnette STUBBS "911 View from Dumbo" Photograph
Liz-n.Val Untitled Photograph
S. DAVID & Heather VAN VLEET "Morbid My Thoughts" Ink on paper
Hanneke VAN VELZEN "4:30 pm - A Paper That Landed in My Garden"
Beriah WALL "American Foreign Policy" Plaster, ceramic
Tom WARREN "WTC Site" 2 Color Photographs
Louise WEINBERG "Engine 7 100 Duane St." Scala photo laser print
Mia WOLFF "Falling Down" Ink on paper
Martin M. YAMASHITA "911" Ink on paper
Martin ZET "Walk - Don't Walk" Email digital print