Toine Horvers, Passers-By

November 22 – December 28, 2004
Opening Reception
November 22, 2004

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Toine Horvers, Passers-By

Toine Horvers, Passers_By

Toine Horvers at work, Passers-By

Toine Horvers, Passers-By wall drawing

Toine Horvers, Passers-By wall drawing detail

Passers-By wall drawing

About the exhibition

Toine Horvers, Passers-By

Toine Horvers is an artist living and working in the Netherlands. Horvers' drawings are made with hand-written texts describing subjects which have a particular relation to time and space. He has drawn weather changes, the human body, landscapes and passers-by among others. His medium of choice is graphite or color pencils. In addition to using drawing paper, Horvers draws/writes on printed photographs where a visual tension develops between the photographed image and the layer of writings. Drawing on his background as a performance artist as well as his early education in The Netherlands observing and drawing from nature, Horvers prefers live situations, making notations while observing people on trains and buses.

At the Kentler he will concentrate on people passing by the glass entrance doors of the gallery. Horvers will position himself in the gallery in such a way that he can observe and immediately make notations on the gallery wall. By continuing this process in a consistent way, a cloud of notations will grow as a drawing on the wall.

The descriptions of people in the subway, made during Horvers’ daily travels between Manhattan and Red Hook, will result in a live-performance at 8pm with public participation at the closing reception on Tuesday, December 28 from 6 to 9pm.

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